Join Seasoned Plate as we eat and drink our way across this beautiful province, one brewery at a time.Our 2023 Pints & Plates guide will showcase 18 of the best Nova Scotian breweries.

We'll feature two breweries a week, each with a delicious custom recipe developed byChef Stephen Barrett and a perfect beer pairing to match.

Nova Scotia is home to some of the country’s most sensational breweries. Experience exceptional beers crafted with artistry and know-how by passionate brewers. Use this guide to help you discover your next favourite Nova Scotian beer and some new and unexpected ways to enjoy it!

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Destination 18 2023

Lager Poached Lobster Tails


Destination 17 2023

Pickled Asaparagus


Destination 15 2023

Annapolis Lobster Dip

Paddy's Brew Pub

Destination 14 2023

Scotian Pale Braised Chicken Thighs


Destination 13 2023

Pale Ale penne

Tanner & Co

Destination 12 2023

Privateer Mussels

Hell Bay Brewing

Destination 11 2023

Ginger Root Marinated Crispy Tofu

Firkinstein Brewing

Destination 10 2023

Bell Ringer Meatballs


Destination 9 2023

Sea Piper Fudge

Rare Bird

Destination 8 2023

Alabama BBQ Sauce with Seared Scallops and Crumbled Bacon

Hardisty Brewing

Destination 7 2023

Makolli 902 Poached Halibut

KSR Winery

Destination 6 2023

Spiced Chicken and Hummus

Off Track Brewing

Destination 5 2023

Cheesy Beer Soup

New Scotland

Destination 4 2023

Bright Lite Salmon Bites


Destination 3 2023

Raspberry Sour and Strawberry Granita

Tusket Falls

Destination 2 2023


Painted Boat

Destination 1 2023

Willow St Cucumber Salad

Truro Brewing Co

Week 15 Destination 30

Blonde Marinated Halloumi with Roasted Veg


Week 15 Destination 29

Brewing Beer Brined Chicken Wings


Week 14 Destination 28

Red Ale Beef Ragu