Why becoming a member is important

As the Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia, we are committed to representing this community as a unified voice by building and nurturing relationships with our peers, the public and government.

Stronger together!

As a member of CBANS, you will have a voice and be represented to all stakeholders and kept in the know for all stakeholder policies, new and updated; important upcoming meetings with our stakeholders and the outcomes; access to all members’ contacts for information.


Free membership to Restaurants Canada that entitles you to heavily discounted products for your brewery that will save significant dollars from the partner suppliers that will reduce your food and beverage operational costs such as food, refreshments, cleaning materials and aids, access to discounted health care benefits for you and staff and heavily discounted banking fees. This gives you the same power as large food and beverage chains.

Promotional Printing

30% discount from Maritime Promotional Printing with a product match clause for the exact same item with an additional 8% discount. This would be great for glassware, swag, clothing and so much more.

Draught Pro

20% discount on all products and services from Draught Pro for line cleaning and more.


Opportunity to participate in annual Craft Beer Festival where thousands of patrons will have an opportunity to try your product.

Open Brewery Day

Participate in Open Brewery Day, twice a year, where your brewery will be promoted on all social media and website channels. Your event will be shared with photos, dates, times and we welcome attendee comments that had a great time.

Together We Brew

Opportunity to participate in Together We Brew where 30+ breweries get together in a hosting brewery, have a great time and together make an amazing specialty product that will be carried at the NSLC. Did I say and have a great time?


Educational opportunities for members for accreditation, updating skills and more.

Event Promotions

Opportunity to list your events on our website and shared on all social media.

Members Portal

Stay in the Know! Opportunity to utilize Members Portal on our website designed only for members where you can buy, sell or trade, keep up to date with news and so much more.

Social Media Recognition

Your events, news and any relevant posts will be re-tweeted and shared on our social media.

Make a Difference!

Opportunity to sit on the Board and/or Committees (Marketing, Education) where you can really make a difference and utilize your great skills.

Become A Member