Crafting World Class Beer With Passion and Dedication

What does it take to make a great craft beer?

A heck of a lot of hard work, a love of local, limitless ideas and a genuine appreciation for living out of your comfort zone. The last and most important ingredient is a die-hard passion and love of craft beer.

Just ask any of our brewers if they remember that one moment that made them head over heels for craft beer and they can tell you the story like it happened yesterday. It’s this rich appreciation that ties the fabric of our craft beer community together like a family.

Our Mission

We will act as a unified voice for Nova Scotia craft brewers and continue to build and nurture relationships with our stakeholders, communities, and our peers.


We will strive to make Nova Scotia THE craft beer destination. Unique stories of every one of our brewers, their welcoming atmosphere, award-winning products, best-in-class customer service and chef-quality food.

We will work towards offering scholarships for underrepresented and marginalized peoples including but not limited to gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, abilities, religion, culture and age.

Our Values

Our guiding principles is our belief and commitment for:


Inclusivity and respect for all cultures, genders, race, sexual orientation, and abilities, with a genuine appreciation for diversity. We welcome all, and there is no room for language or attitudes that are not in line with our core values.


Openness by creating a safe and collaborative culture for teamwork and expression of creativity and respectful dialogue at all times for all.


Community gives so much support to Nova Scotia local brewers and we like to give back and be there when community needs us. We do this through employment, student mentorship opportunities, fundraisers, and special initiatives, and strive to give back as much as we can, when we can. Community also includes the brewer community and CBANS heartily supports all brewers in this amazing industry.

Quality & Craftsmanship

Quality and Craftsmanship of excellent beer. Our brewers care about the best possible quality product they create from start to finish. Making craft beer is not about mass production. It is skill, engineering, and artistry in smaller batches with detail in the colour, taste, and smell. The magic of great tasting craft beer is born from unbridled passion for innovation. It is the limitless boundaries and living outside of the comfort zone when it comes to styles, colours, tastes and smells of great beers.

Our History

The Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia was established in 2011. And today, it represents 48 members from all corners of the province, all drawn to the magic and charm of the east coast.

As the Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia, we are committed to representing this community as a unified voice.

This means building and nurturing relationships with our peers, the public, and our stakeholders. It means knowing no boundaries when it comes to facilitating growth, giving back to the community, and creating the right conditions for a thriving craft beer industry.