Meet Rudders

The Rudder’s Brewery has been in production since 2000.  At the time it was established, it was one of the first breweries in Nova Scotia (maybe the 5th).  Because of this, Rudder’s has become known as a staple in southwest Nova Scotia.

Rudder’s is unique in that it is a full-service restaurant and brewery combination located on the Yarmouth waterfront.  Rudder’s is a bustling hub for tourists during the busy summer season, but is also fortunate to have tremendous local support year-round as well. 

The brewery has changed ownership, most recently in April 2023, when the current brewer Clifton Armsworthy, entered into partnership with several other shareholders.  For Cliff, this was a personal story of coming full-circle.  Cliff started working at Rudder’s as a server.  He eventually took on the role of assistant-brewer, and by 2021, he was the Rudder’s brewmaster.  When ownership became a possibility, he jumped at the opportunity.  A lover of good beer, he dreamed of owning a brewery, but never imagined it would actually happen. 

Cliff often reflects on the good fortune he has experienced his entire life, and how one never knows where life will take you.  He named his first IPA brew “Strange Path”, as a nod to this truism that life is indeed a strange path.

Cliff started canning the Rudder’s beer this spring for the first time, and it’s been a resounding success.

Rudder’s has 4 signature beers, as follows:


A blonde ale derived from a blend of Canadian 2 row barley wheat and Munich malt. A light but mellow malty character giving way to the aromatic flavour of cascade hops on the finish. Great with food or on its own is what makes this beer our most popular.


A complex red velvety smooth ale designed with 4 specialty malts and 2 varieties of hops. A superb pub ale that compliments food and is a local favourite.


An English Style brown ale with a rich chocolate-like profile accentuated by hints of hop flavour and aroma. A must try if you are an aficionado of brown ales.


A Golden Wheat beer with a hint of raspberry. A light refreshing drinking beer. A nice change from coolers or spritzers.

Plus, Rudder’s always has specialty beers on tap.  Currently, we have:

  • Strange Path IPA
  • The Bright Side of Life IPA

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