N.S. Craft Brewers Supporting Local Farmers

As Nova Scotians celebrate our hard working local farmers today with Open Farm Day, our brewers will raise a glass to all of the wonderful local products available to us to help create world class craft beer.

Thanks to our farmers, our beer is winning awards against the best breweries in the country, and turning Nova Scotia into a world class craft beer destination. Whether its locally produced honey, blueberries, lavender, spruce, and, of course, hops and grains, our beer is great because their ingredients are the best you can find.

Nova Scotia’s craft brewers don’t take shortcuts. We use traditional processes and we need the best ingredients available. We are lucky to be in a province where your farmers make these ingredients available at our doorstep.

So whether it’s our own members like Meander River Farm, or Horton Ridge Malt and Grain, or any of the other local farms making great ingredients for our beer, today, we thank you. We look forward to working with you even more.


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