Shame On You IPA available today

Hey Nova Scotia! I don’t know about you, but we’re tired of seeing imposter beers lined up for sale next to true Nova Scotia Craft Beer. It blurs the lines between actual ‪#‎NSCraftBeer‬ and… ahem…. beverages that try to impersonate local craft beer.Big Spruce Brewing Company and Boxing Rock Brewing Company have teamed up to brew you an all summer seasonal craft beer that reminds you of the choice you have when you make a beer purchase: should I support my province and its’ thriving craft beer industry, or should I let my money go to big international companies that care mainly about the bottom line, and less about the communities they supply to.
Shame on You IPA is a summer slurping aromatic super bomb that’s packed with copious amounts of late addition hoppy greatness. It releases Thursday Aug 4th at both breweries, will debut in Halifax at the Boxing Rock table at Halifax Seaport Beerfest on Friday Aug 5th, and then at finer NS craft beer serving establishments this weekend.
We hope that this beer also raises awareness for those that sell beer in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia Craft Beer should be recognized so that beer buyers that want to keep their beer money here in the province, aren’t fooled into thinking they have.


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