Sales of NS Craft Beer Continues to Soar

The NSLC recently released their year end corporate results to the public, and Nova Scotia craft beer continues to lead the way and have very positive impact on the NSLC’s bottom line.

Despite only modest increases in beer sales overall (less than 1%), Nova Scotia craft beer sales in Nova Scotia ballooned by almost 50% to $13 million overall. Market demand for quality driven Nova Scotia craft beer is even more evident with the NSLC offering product to 20 Nova Scotia craft breweries, up from 3 only five years ago.

The number of breweries on NSLC shelves is set to grow by even more in the coming weeks as CBANS and the NSLC finalize an agreement to offer more flexibility for our smaller breweries to have access to local stores in their areas.

As the market demands more high quality product, more breweries are opening to satisfy not only the NSLC consumer, but other local consumers. There are now 50 craft breweries in all corners of the province and you will find them in your community, at farmers markets, and supporting local community initiatives.

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