New Nova Scotia Craft Beer for September

As summer goes by the rear view mirror, our breweries are set to take advantage of local ingredients and seasonal influences to give you some of the most innovative and unique recipes and products you will find anywhere.

Here is a modest list. But feel free to drop by your local brewery to see what they have new to offer for the fall. You can find a brewery near you here. 

Some content originates from the great folks at Atlantic Canada Beer Blog. See a more comprehensive list at their site here. 

Backstage Brewing – The Edge Volume 2 is only available  at the Backstage taproom.

Good Robot  – Pretty Fly for a Rye Guy – a Rye Pale Ale with an ABV of 4.0% and a low/medium bitterness that still features hop flavors from late additions of Vic Secret, Enigma, and Saphir hops.

Goseface Killah –a sour german wheat ale featuring Sorachi Ace hops. At 4.8% ABV and 11 IBU, this tart and refreshing beer with coriander aroma and lemony acidity.

Stillwell Brewing is releasing the second batch of Solo. With a base recipe of PIlsner, Wheat, and Oats, it was hopped in the kettle and barrel with German hops, and fermented with Stilly’s house blend of yeasts and bacteria.

Annapolis Brewing Co. – Calientide – 4 pounds of “Stingin’ Hot Honey” honey from the Halifax Honey Company.  The heat and spicy character is also boosted by the addition of the chilis that had been used to infuse the honey to the secondary fermentation vessel along with some roasted jalapeños. The result is a 4.7% ABV beer with 21 IBUs that features light peppers on the nose and a subtle spiciness on the finish.

Big Spruce Brewing – Can You C’est Brut IPA is a Brut- or Champagne-style IPA. Featuring large amounts of El Dorado hop hash it comes in at 7.0% ABV and a 24 IBU. Bone-dry, crisp and effervescent, we remind you that it’s beer, so maybe forego the sipping from a flute and head straight to the swilling from a real glass.

Tidehouse Brewing – BIG Bruiser IIPA – a double/imperial IPA weighing in at a brawny 10% ABV. Medium to light in body and with a deep orange colour, it was hopped entirely with Cryo hops. To finish, Yuzu was added for an extra kick.

Propeller –  Tropical IPA is a new Gottingen Small Batch, to go along with their usual Friday cask.  It features both some very tropical hops in the form of orange-y and grapefruit-y Citra and passionfruit-y and pineapple-y Galaxy, along with additions of real fruit, including peach, apricot and mango. The result is a 6.2% ABV beer with a complex tropical fruit character that still manages to sport a crisp finish.


by CBANS and Atlantic Canada Beer Blog

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