Members Benefits

CBANS Members Benefits 

The Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia (CBANS) was formed by the craft beer industry in 2011 to achieve the following objectives: 

•Be a strong and effective advocate for Nova Scotia’s craft beer industry.

•Promote and protect Nova Scotia’s craft beer industry’s interests in the overall beer market.

•Generate recognition of Nova Scotia’s craft beer industry through effective marketing and regulatory efforts.

Joining the Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia will give you further tools to support and grow your brewery, and you will be contributing to the many valuable industry wide initiatives that are creating opportunities for all full mash craft breweries in Nova Scotia. 

Maximize Your Potential 

Elevate your brewery and your beer by taking advantage of the industry resources that other member Nova Scotia craft breweries enjoy including access to industry data, ie sales, market share, etc. 

  • Your brewery will be profiled in a new brewery profile on our social media channels and website to give heightened visibility. 
  • Promote member brewery events and product launches via our social networks and website.
  • Free access to the new Independent Canadian Craft Beer Seal for labelling and marketing purposes. 
  • Training opportunities for staff. This past year we hosted a Prud’homme course, offered free by CBANS, for members. We also provided a training program for licensee staff in partnership with Taste of Nova Scotia. 
  • Be part of our community. Members of CBANS work collaboratively to informally share best practices and knowledge.
  • Enhance knowledge around the latest issues affecting the industry in government, the NSLC, suppliers, buyers, and industry leaders and influencers.
  • CBANS members receive preferential services and rates from our partners, law firm Cox and Palmer. This also includes access to our complimentary legal services program with Cox and Palmer. 
  • Reduced rates for members at the Westin Nova Scotia.
  • CBANS members receive a craft beer tailored insurance policy, and reduced rates from Gateway insurance. 
  • CBANS members receive equivalent of a corporate membership to Volta Labs valued at $5,000 per year, if requested. 

Build Your Network 

  • As the hub of Nova Scotia’s craft brewing industry, CBANS brings together brewers from all over the province, as well as government, regulators, and other industry leaders to give you opportunities to gain and share knowledge and build your network
  • Take part in CBANS annual all members day, where all members come together to discuss and determine priorities for the year. 
  • Exclusive access to all members events like Craft Beer Month’s Signature event the Nova Scotia Craft Beer Festival.
  • Participate with your peers from other parts of the province in our Craft Beer Month/Events Committee, Marketing Committee, and Board of Directors.
  • Complimentary membership to the Canadian Craft Beer Association. 

Protecting Your Interests 

  • Craft brewers work in a regulatory environment that is outdated. CBANS is regularly working with elected officials, the NSLC, and other government agencies to ensure the rules under which you operate are modernized and more welcoming for our industry. As an industry, we are able to access decision makers on your behalf, benefitting both individual breweries and the industry as a whole.
  • In the past year we:
    • Met with and lobbied the Premier, Minister of Finance  and other members of government on our government relations priorities. 
    • Met with the new CEO of the NSLC and his senior management team in efforts to modernize regulations and enhance retail opportunities. 

Budget Friendly 

CBANS’ revenue model allows us to keep membership fees among the lowest in the country. We focus on creating revenue streams from non members to assist with our many activities.

Membership is available to independently owned, full mash commercial breweries with federal excise and provincial microbrewery licensing in place, at three levels based on annual volume production. Annual fees are: 

  • Less than 500 HL annual production – $250
  • Less than 2000 HL annual production – $500 
  • More than 2000 HL annual production – $750 

2019 CBANS Successes  

  • Organized and hosted 5th Nova Scotia Craft Beer Week including the largest ever event featuring Nova Scotia craft beer products.
  • Launch of the Hyper Local pilot project in the Valley region in partnership with the NSLC.
  • Held a new province wide fall event, Open Brewery Day. 
  • Hosted a Prudhomme certification course for brewery staff, offered complimentary to members (value $6000).
  • Developed a craft beer knowledge program for licensee staff with Taste of NS. 
  • Successfully lobbied government to eliminate the 4 oz. on-site serving size limit. 
  • Developed a sustained, year round marketing campaign to grow awareness of the industry, resulting in the doubling of our market reach within 12 months. 

2019-20 CBANS Priorities

  • Work with the NSLC and the Nova Scotia Government to update NSLC Manufacturers Policy, including the updating of the definition of a microbrewery to include “full mash”, allow breweries to sell other NS craft beer, define contract brewing, etc. 
  • Fair treatment of Nova Scotia craft breweries compared to other maritime breweries by strengthening the Maritime Beer Accord.
  • Launch a new national marketing program, Nova Scotia as craft beer destination. 
  • Launch Nova Scotia regional brewery trails with Tourism Nova Scotia and members. 
  • Work with the NSLC to modernize supply chain management to reflect the quality of premium craft beer. 
  • Lobby Nova Scotia government to expand retail options for craft beer. 
  • Expand Hyper Local pilot project province wide. 
  • Rebrand and enhance Full House into a new Nova Scotia Craft Beer Festival. 
  • Expand Nova Scotia Craft Beer Week to Nova Scotia Craft Beer Month. 

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