Meet SackVegas Brew Co

SackVegas Brew Co. was born out of a passion for serving our patrons the best beer in Nova Scotia. Located inside Tapestry Beer Bar, the ultra nano brewery is run by the owner of Tapestry, Ian Smith, and his brewer assistant Jeff Olsen. Over the last 3 years, Tapestry has positioned itself as the premiere Nova Scotia craft beer bar by serving up small-batch, exclusive and even ultra-rare beers! Ian sought out a new challenge, and with the help of his friend and Brew HQ GM Jeff Olsen, the two of them got to work. After 8 long months, SackVegas Brew Co. opened with their flagship American IPA, A Load of Mischief. Fermenting in our tank, at this time, is our Double NEIPA, SKT. Our very juicy and delicious IPA Pineapple Xpress is next!! All the brewery’s creations are only available exclusively on tap at Tapestry Beer Bar.

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