Hill Top Hops

In 2016 along with his family, John established Hill Top Hops developing their first hop yard. With a want to keep things as organic and sustainable as possible, they started off with 4 different kinds of hops which have now grown to 7. John and his family had fallen in love with the farm and all it had to offer. Using their hops in small Brews at home, John has had the opportunity to perfect his beer and grow his passion for brewing. With a love for beer and brewing, John wanted to be a brewer, doing something he loves while providing for his family. So in 2019, John decided he would leave his career as a steamfitter and opened Hill Top Hops’ Brewhouse, Located in Brooklyn Hants County NS, at 7232 Highway 14, Newport.


The Brewery has an inviting, rustic, friendly atmosphere that quickly became a favourite by many. Their family was very humbled by all the love and support from the new addition to their community. All the beer is brewed and perfected at the brewhouse by John. They have a little story behind each and every beer and why they are named the way they are. John and Adrienne try to involve their kids, Graham 11, Ben 7 and Annalee 3; in naming some of the beer and involving them in the Hopyard. The children love running through the Hopyard and they hope it holds special memories for them in the years to come. They also have many family members step up and help behind the scenes that are so appreciated and their efforts do not go unnoticed.

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