CBANS Welcomes Candid Brewing

Located in Antigonish, this family owned and operated brewery, has something for everyone, including a gluten reduced treat and non-alcoholic options.  They even have an on-site food truck called the Boneyard and the food is unbelievable!

Canadian Beer Awards 2022

The 2022 Canadian Brewing Awards winners who are also members of CBANS.  Once again, Nova Scotia Craft Brewers show they make award winning great beer! GOLD Medal Winners Uncle Leo’s Brewery for “Uncle Leo’s Czech Mate”                                        […]

CBANS Welcomes The Nova Scotia Good Cheer Trail

Tap into something new on the Nova Scotia Good Cheer Trail, Canada’s first and only winery, brewery, cidery, distillery and meadery trail.  This year, there are three easy ways to collect stamps – the print passport, the website or our Taste of Nova Scotia mobile app. Let the stories behind Nova Scotia’s local experiences inspire you […]

CBANS Releases 2021 Annual Report

Please click below to view our 2021 Annual Report and accompanying press release. 2021 Annual Report – Press Release 2021 Annual Report

Craft Beer Industry Partners With Cox & Palmer

In our efforts to continue to provide resources and services for craft breweries across Nova Scotia, CBANS has formalized a partnership with Atlantic Canada’s preeminent law firm, Cox & Palmer. All members of CBANS now have access to a combination of complimentary and reduced rate legal services from Cox & Palmer. Like any small business, […]

Bring Craft Beer Home

Check out your favourite brewery for delivery options, pick it up on-site or get it at your local NSLC. If your NSLC doesn’t stock it, ask for it!

How You Can Support Our Local Craft Breweries

NOTE: This appears in Halifax Magazine and is written and compiled by Kim Hart Macneill. You can find the original and updated article here.  In the past few days, we’ve seen everything change fast, including our local beer industry. First, organizers cancelled the Nova Scotia Craft Beer Festival. Then growlers disappeared. On Sunday, tables moved […]

What are some examples of AI tools used in the beverage alcohol industry?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used in the beverage alcohol industry to overcome challenges and further brand development[1]. AI tools are being used to help brands collect and leverage data, create personalized customer experiences, and produce new kinds of beers[1]. Here are some examples of how AI is being used in the beer industry: Carlsberg […]