Meet SackVegas Brew Co

SackVegas Brew Co. was born out of a passion for serving our patrons the best beer in Nova Scotia. Located inside Tapestry Beer Bar, the ultra nano brewery is run by the owner of Tapestry, Ian Smith, and his brewer assistant Jeff Olsen. Over the last 3 years, Tapestry has positioned itself as the premiere […]

Meet Rudders

The Rudder’s Brewery has been in production since 2000.  At the time it was established, it was one of the first breweries in Nova Scotia (maybe the 5th).  Because of this, Rudder’s has become known as a staple in southwest Nova Scotia. Rudder’s is unique in that it is a full-service restaurant and brewery combination […]

Meet Boxing Rock

We are two chemical engineers who fell in love with Shelburne, Nova Scotia – the place, the people and the lifestyle.  We quickly discovered that our career options here were limited.  So…in 2012 we founded a craft brewery and made our own jobs, and a few others too. We create craft beer experiences – we like to think […]

Meet Spindrift

Back in 2021, Spindrift was approached by a US-based beverage company that shared our name and discussions began to potentially co-exist in the Canadian marketplace. After some consideration, and with our no-nonsense spirit leading the way, we decided that this was an opportunity to create a name that better reflected who we are and more […]

Hill Top Hops

In 2016 along with his family, John established Hill Top Hops developing their first hop yard. With a want to keep things as organic and sustainable as possible, they started off with 4 different kinds of hops which have now grown to 7. John and his family had fallen in love with the farm and […]