April is Nova Scotia Craft Beer Month

For the past five years, Nova Scotia’s craft beer industry has come together for ten days in May for Nova Scotia Craft Beer Week. Craft Beer Week was a province wide celebration with special events to celebrate the collaboration and success of Nova Scotia craft beer. None bigger than the flagship event, Full House.

After deliberations with breweries and others, CBANS is excited to expand Craft Beer Week in to a month long series of events.

Starting in 2020, April will become Nova Scotia Craft Beer Month. We are kicking off Craft Beer Month with a new flagship event, the Nova Scotia Craft Beer Festival. Replacing what was known as Full House, the Nova Scotia Craft Beer Festival will feature a new look, a new venue, and updated offerings. Many of these details will become available in the coming weeks.

The Nova Scotia Craft Beer Festival will take place on March 21, 2020 and we will be hosting the event at the Halifax Waterfront, in the Cunard Centre. We have simply grown out of the previous Full House venue. We want an event that has the capacity to grow with the industry, both in terms of brewery numbers, and market maturity. We do not want to limit the consumer experience of our flagship event due to constraints of a venue. We think a new venue, at a new time of the year allows us to give an even greater craft beer experience to attendees.

We have made the decision to expand Craft Beer Week to Nova Scotia Craft Beer Month to give breweries and event hosts more flexibility to host quality events throughout the province. An important mandate of Craft Beer Week was to build quality events in all areas of the province. This is too difficult to do in ten days. It is too difficult for breweries to deploy product and resources in all regions of the province over two weekends. It makes it too difficult for event organizers to attract breweries, who are already committed to other events.

CBANS and our awesome members look forward to bringing you a much improved experience with the Nova Scotia Craft Beer Festival and Craft Beer Month. Check back over the next few months for new details!


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